Summer Student

Cribit Seeds and Wintermar Grains are divisions of Wintermar Farms (1989) Ltd., owned by five members of the Martin family and located 8 km north of Waterloo in beautiful Woolwich Township. We are SeCan members and a seed processing location for Dekalb brand soybeans. Whole grains are roasted and flaked for food uses. More info at

Scope: To provide support to various aspects of Cribit Seeds and Wintermar Grains including: research ,marketing, customer service and other farm related activities.

Marketing, Customer and Grower Service:

  • installing field signs on seed customer and contract grower’s fields

  • seed deliveries in spring and during the summer cover crop season

  • assisting other staff with preparations for summer meetings and plot tours


  • helping prepare seed for the plot planting

  • taking field notes during the growing season

  • plot maintenance and trimming

  • assisting with plot harvest and sample evaluation

Farm and Facilities:

  • stone picking with power tools

  • soil sampling

  • rouging; the process of walking fields and removing off-type plants.

  • seed delivery to our own fields

  • assisting in moving employees from farm to farm during field operations

  • facilities and property maintenance

  • preparing grain bins for storage


The student will work with the various team leads depending on the task assigned; however overall reporting will be to one of the owners Craig Martin.


An orientation on health and safety, employee guidelines and policies will take place during the first days on site. Understand Wintermar/Cribit staff core values. Be an engaged team member. When we commit to bringing you on the team there will be work to do.

Extra Hours and payroll:

There may be an opportunity to work extra hours. There is no overtime pay premium, overtime hours will be logged and paid out at the same rate as regular hours. All employees log their hours and payroll occurs monthly on the 2nd last business day of the month. Stat holidays will be paid. Actual shift start times may vary slightly during some parts of the summer to accommodate operational logistics.


For more information please contact: or


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