Wintermar Grains contracts with Ontario grain farmers to grow quality barley, oats, soft white wheat and rye crops that we process in our on-farm family owned facility. Wintermar Grains is HACCP and ISO 9001:2008 certified.  This provides customers of our pearled, roasted or flaked whole grain products, with increased food safety assurance. Our partner business, Cribit Seeds, is involved with grain variety development to maximize grain yields for farmers. In so doing, we are providing added value to local farm production while supplying local and export markets.

Wintermar Grains is offering Oat and Barley contracts for the 2018 year.

Cash Bids

Contract Price
2017 Crop Barley$245/tonne
2017 Crop Oats$275/tonne
Contract Price
2018 Crop Barley$240/tonne
2018 Crop Oats$250/tonne

Last updated: 4/03/2018