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Back in the early 2000’s, Wintermar Farms was looking for a way to fully utilize their seed cleaning facility year-round. In 2004, in addition to supplying local feed grain needs, they had the opportunity to purchase the grain processing portion of the Fergus based business Gilbertson and Page (Canada) Inc. (G&P) , a company they previously supplied with cleaned whole grains. Seizing the opportunity, Wintermar Farms purchased the equipment and relocated it to a built for purpose facility at their Winterbourne farm.

Wintermar Grains was then registered as a business operated inside Wintermar Farms (1989) Ltd. Included in the purchase of the grain processing equipment from G&P was an agreement to supply their roasted and flaked grain needs. This allowed G&P to focus on marketing and distribution. The success of G&P in supplying ingredients to the growing craft brewing industry led to its sale to Brewers Supply Group Inc. (BSG) in 2016. Wintermar has a long-term supply agreement with BSG for unmalted processed grains.

Wintermar Grains contracts local farmers each year to grow barley, oats, winter wheat and rye. Oats and barley for food use need to be dehulled prior roasting. BSG utilizes the majority of our grain products with additional customers in the baking and soup manufacturing sectors.

Over the last 15 years, grain processing has grown to 40 percent of Wintermar Farms annual gross revenues.