Cribit Seeds and SeCan cereal variety & management plot trials

• Evaluation of experimental lines of wheat, oat and barley provided by SeCan
• Contributing to a barley malt variety study through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
• Evaluation of management practices including seeding rate, seed treatment and micronutrient addition

University of Guelph spring wheat and barley breeding program plot trials

• Under direction of Dr. Ali Navabi, Professorship in Wheat Breeding, University of Guelph
• We are a host location for evaluation of experimental lines and financial supporter
• New lines are the result of crosses made by a plant breeder and after this screening year the best lines will be advanced to become registered varieties

Monsanto Research plots

• For many years Cribit Seeds has hosted a Monsanto soybean research location
• This includes thousands of small plots for screening their latest Genuity traits and lines
• This past year we supplied 50 acres towards Monsanto’s soybean variety development plots


Monsanto Tech Development Plots

• We donate land for tech development plots for corn and soybean research

Cribit Seeds and BioAg product evaluation

• We conduct strip trials with local growers to evaluate a pea inoculant in cereal forage mix
• Strip trial evaluation of seed applied biological root enhancer